Dear Sir / Madam,

Thanks for your query regarding the MCQ markers, below are details about the requirement for them.

We are often asked why we need a 'Marker'. Firstly, the marker does not need to hold any qualifications in the subject. The Marker should however be methodical and instructed in how to mark Multi Choice Question (MCQ) question papers.

The marking of MCQ papers is straight forward (normally an 'Overlay' is used as a template) however errors are made. This is highly significant if you consider that a single mark can make the difference between pass/fail or fail/pass for a learner. 

Although one of the Centres' IQA's activities is to sample / check papers this is typically carried out after the Certificates have been issued. If at this stage a certificate has been issued incorrectly, it would need to be revoked.   In this case, Ofqual our regulators would need to be notified and potentially an investigation carried out.

As checking MCQ typically takes just a few seconds per Learner, it is a worthwhile time investment if you consider what could happen if marked incorrectly.

The Trainer would typically check the MCQ papers prior to passing to the MCQ marker. All we require is that two checks are carried out before claiming for Certificates. The IQA can act as a Marker as long a this is carried out before claiming for certificates.