Good day,

Thank you for submitting your centre approval application. To complete the process we require further supporting documentation. 

Please could you supply the following?

Centre Information: 

• C1 Form

• Centre details (C1 – Pg1)

• Centre’s main point of contact (C1 – Pg1)

• Indication of the type of centre (C1 – Pg2)

• Indication of whether your centre has been sanctioned/restricted or refused qualification approval/centre recognition within the last 18 months. (C1 – Pg3)

• A copy of your company organisation chart. (C1 – Pg3)

• Malpractice and Maladministration Policy

• Health and Safety Policy

• Equal Opportunities/Equality Policy

• Data Protection Policy

• Appeals Policy

• Complaints Policy

• Conflict of Interest Policy

• Reasonable Adjustment Policy

• A copy of your insurance schedule confirming at least £1m cover in Professional Indemnity and Public Liability.

• Confirmation that you agree with all the declarations. (C1 – Pg4-6)

Qualification Information:

• CQ1 Form

• Qualifications you would like to register your centre to deliver (CQ1 – Pg1)

• Trainers you would like to register for the qualification(s) listed (CQ1 – Pg2)

• Confirmation that you agree with all the declarations. (CQ1 – Pg3-5)

Trainer Information:

• CT1 Form

• Trainer/Assessor/IQA/ Marker details (CT1 – Pg1)

• Trainer/Assessor/IQA/ Marker signature (CT1 – Pg1)

• Qualifications you would like to register your trainer to deliver (CT1 – Pg1)

• Trainer/Assessor/IQA/ Marker CV

• Trainer/Assessor passport photo if you would like an ID Card

• Confirmation that the trainer has at least 30 hours training experience in the last 3 years within the listed qualification(s) (CT1 – Pg2)

• Trainer’s Teaching/Training Qualification

• Assessor’s Assessing Qualification

• IQA’s Verifying/Quality Assuring Qualification

• Trainer/Assessor/IQA’s certificate indicating sufficient subject knowledge in listed qualification(s)

• Confirmation that the Trainer/Assessor/IQA does not have any current or spent convictions.

• Signed C1, CQ1, and/or CT1 form

AoFAQ Centre Approval is free, the only thing we ask is a £100+vat upfront deposit to show your commitment. 

This is fully redeemable against your certificates within the first six months from registration. What's more we will add an additional 

25% to welcome you as one of ours prestigious AoFAQ approved centre.

If you have any further queries regarding the process or the above requirements, don't hesitate to give us a call on 01923 344 556

Kind Regards,