Dear Sir / Madam,

Thank you for contacting AoFA Qualifications regarding our first aid insurance cover. 

Insurance is an important part of running your business, helping to safeguard you from the unexpected. It doesn't have to be headline news, the policy covers third party damage to being called up for Jury or Witness service. Being covered for such instances offers peace of mind.

Our Insurance has claims occurring wording, meaning as long as the claim being notified occurred when the policy was in force we will still pay it, even if the policy has expired or has been renewed. This is a significant benefit when compared to conventional policies who have claims made working, meaning the claim has to be made during the policies duration. 

Further benefits of our policy includes:

  • Unlimited amount of claims and defence cost 
  • Professional Indemnity any advice given in good faith, which is then proven to be incorrect and has a financial consequence 
  • Malpractice Any action which results in injury to a casualty or trainee and in the case of training any injury the trainee causes to themselves. 
  • Public Liability Covers Liability at law  for causing injury to other people or for damage to property. A cost effective insurance policy designed specifically for small businesses and first aider
  • Legal Expense Packages Wide range of free 24 hour advice lines including: Legal advice on any business matter, UK Law Tax Advice, Counselling Helpline and more.

Registering for a policy is simple, attached are forms for either Small Business or Individual Proposal forms. These can be completed and forwarded to our intermediary provider, contact information below. 

Alternatively, feel free to contact our intermediaries (Balens Ltd), information below:

  • Balens Ltd, Trainers Insurance, Bridge House, Portland Road, Malvern, WR14 2TA
  • Renewals & Applications Phone : 01684 580771
  • Email :
  • Insurance Cover Queries Phone : 01908 610093

If you have any further questions, the applications team will be able to assist, 

Kind regards,