Dear Sir / Madam, 

Thank you for initiating the centre approval process with AoFA Qualifications. To help you through the registration process below is the process for completing a CT1 Form (Centre trainer approval)

Within the application pack, you'll find a CT1 form - Trainer/Assessor/IQA registration. This is a two page form, you'll need to put the following information in: 

Page 1:

  • Please enter the name and contact details of the Trainer here. This should also include their own signature.
  • Under "Qualification Title" please list the qualifications that AoFAQ offer that you would like the trainer to teach
  • In the right hand side boxes, please tick the relevant ones*

*Please note the following: The trainer and the assessor can be the same person. However, the trainer can not mark their own courses. The IQA and Marker can be the same person. However, they can not train the course. Please do not tick all the boxes if you have one trainer in your organisation as we will ask who your IQA and Marker is.

Please list what certificate(s) the trainer has and from what Awarding organisation, as well as date obtained. **

**Please also attach a copy of the qualification for our review. AoFAQ will give you feedback on the qualification. We need to see copies for our audit purposes with Ofqual who regularly check the credentials of our registered Trainers, Assessors and IQA's.

Page 2:

  • Please list a minimum of 30 hours classroom based training within the last 3 years for the trainer. You can attach a additional sheet if required.
  • We do not need a comprehensive list of training, however the purpose of this exercise is to show competency in a classroom environment.
  • Please have the Centre Head sign this.

Additional notes:

  • You will need to fill in a CT1 form for each of your trainers seperately. (With a copy of their qualifications and CV)
  • You will need a CT1 form for your marker. (with a copy of their CV)
  • You will need a CT1 form for your IQA (with their qualifications)
  • The qualifications listed on the C1 form should match those listed on the CT1 form.

If you have any further queries, don't hesitate to contact us by phone on 01293 344556 

Kind regards,